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Not every thought has to be spoken but this one will be:

I really like chaos.
I like to be in a wild metal show throwing people around as hard as I can and getting the same and getting up against the front line and feeling all the energy in the air.
I think anybody who doesn’t like a little chaos is lying to themselves.
Magazines, media, it’s all chaos, condensed into what’s socially acceptable. It’s like little doses you allow yourself sometimes, as a treat

But, imagine:
When you get to cross that line a little bit, it’s worth it.

If you don’t understand it, it isn’t for you.

My Cambodian relatives regaled me with stories of escaping Pol Pot and the communist regime over Thanksgiving. I have never felt more entranced than hearing their stories, how long they walked without rest, without shoes. Only to get here. Here.

This is a place that should be worth it.

Or at least, the Chaos should be worth it.

We received an email on the Lux Lycaonis contact form that really resonated with me. The contact form goes to an email visible only to myself and Nameless Therein. The person who sent it didn’t have a way to contact in return available. Without sharing too much, what they suggested was that, by writing what we write and doing what we do, we are just propagating Anton Long, and the mysteriously nefarious goals of whatever “cult” he wanted to build, to riff off what Chloe said.

I have to admit that most of this is fraudulent. We never pretended to be anything more than Satans. Than what we are.

But what’s different is that there is a living, beating heart inside here. There is a true Order. That is the Order I am loyal to. There is real magic here. There is real kinship here. There is real meaning here.

Fond farewell to our Ur family.

See you again soon.

Sender of the email, my cerulean friend, do consider contacting me directly.





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