• The Need to be Silent: Some Notes on Empathy, Communication, and Writing

    When I sit down to write, I feel energized and invigorated again. Fall is here and as the crisp air begins to roll in, I feel myself burn with a passionate fervor, a profound love. I feel empowered to speak form to my formless wyrd. This wasn’t always the case for me. I used to […]

  • Συκώτι

    CRKT M16-04KS: unofficial official knife of the Order of Nine Angles  Somewhere in Central America, a chosen few ascend the steps of great stone … Συκώτι Latest from friends at Antithesis Press. A stunningly written exploration of myth and sacrifice. Worth a read to anyone interested in these topics.

  • Parallelism

    Lately, I have been interested in the subject of Parallelism as it pertains to Baruch Spinoza’s philosophy as well as broader understandings of the philosophy. What follows are mostly open-ended notes, hopefully to inspire anybody who comes across this entry to consider the idea or to open dialogue with other interested parties. First, Parallelism presupposes […]

  • Fifth Generation Warfare

    The introduction reads: Enjoy-

  • Antithesis Press

    I recently wrote this piece as the first of many in collaboration with Antithesis Press. Antithesis Press is a growing voice in our reach toward a new, advanced form of societal awareness. Antithesis Press has recently been a leading voice in the scope of the sinister-numinous way and especially the sphere of the LHP occult […]

  • Wandering, 1972

    “Over this brave small road, the wind blows. Tree and bush are left behind, only stone and moss grow here. Nobody has anything to look for here, nobody here own anything, up here the farmer has neither hay nor wood. But the distance beckons, longing awakens, and trough rocks and swamp, snow, they have provided […]

  • An Unfolding of Physis

    In certain occult traditions, the concept of coming into contact with φύσις (physis), or rather, the unfolding of one’s own physis, is a core practice. Often, it is used in a similar (though not synonymous) sense to οὐσία – essence, or substance. I have decided to explore physis throughout some Occidental philosophies, especially in the […]

  • (In)comprehensibility: Higgs Boson and Occultism.

    Let’s talk about the nature of opposites, dualism, and CERN. First, we must agree on terms. I ask the reader for charity in the likely event of a mistake. Bridging gaps in understanding means simply that we are this much closer to comprehensibility to one another. In addition, to humor me, for I will be […]

  • The Second Law of Thermodynamics

    “According to the second law of thermodynamics, structural and dispositional diversities present in the inanimate material world converge towards irreversible entropy and disorder.” At all times, entropy increases. As entropy increases, potential for entropy increases. One must adjust their tactics accordingly.

  • Isentropic Process

    “Isentropic” comes from Ancient Greek “ῐ̓́σος” or “iso-” meaning “equal” (or “same”) and “entropy.” Entropy (chaos) comes from its Ancient Greek root “τροπή” which could mean either “trope” or a “turning away of the enemy” (“rout”). An isentropic state then refers to “a state of constant entropy.” The Second Law of Thermodynamics states that the […]

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