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Welcome. This is where I will post notes, thoughts, and other things I find worth thinking about.

I am open to collaborations of any kind for an assortment of eccentrics and open minds.

I can also be found over on Lux Lycaonis.

I may be reached for inquiries at:


My Latest Posts

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  • AI Myatt
    Today at work I found my attention waning. My recent absence has been due to travel for an intensive trial. It has been an equal challenge to re-orient myself to daily life. This time, I decided to let my mind […]
    Not every thought has to be spoken but this one will be: I really like chaos.I like to be in a wild metal show throwing people around as hard as I can and getting the same and getting up against […]
  • Short Important Announcement
    This blog ( and Lux Lycaonis ( and (to a lesser extent) Antithesis Press ( are the only websites I contribute to. Due to a concerted effort to make this appear otherwise, a sudden influx of confusion and traffic, detailed […]
  • Theater of Cruelty & Mimesis Leviathan
    And if Perseus is proud of Andromeda too in the stars, do but cast your eye towards that side of the heavens, where the brilliant Ophiuchos is conspicuous holding up his encircling Serpent, and you will see the circlet of […]
  • Notes on Harmonics, Will, and Pendulums
    Bergson’s pendulum states:All prolonged action, it would seem, brings about a reaction in the opposite direction. Then it starts anew, and the pendulum swings on indefinitely. …the pendulum is endowed with memory, and is not the same when it swings […]

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