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Know Thy Roots, Know Thy Fruits

In the spirit of thinking out loud, here are some additional disorganized thoughts of my own. I speak for nobody but myself as I voice these. I speak to nobody but who is listening, and in direct response to Chloe352:

“… all this, don’t take it as anything else but this. And if one day you find yourself passing by that house, don’t stop, don’t slow down, just keep going. There’s nothing there. Beware.”

House of Leaves, Mark Z. Danielewski

You sure are clever, Chloe. I intended to have this out earlier, but I had other priorities to attend to. Forgive me if this is less organized than my last but I thought your post rather answered its own questions.

First off:
Respectfully, I think you may misunderstand me a little. Let me explain in responses to some of your points here. The first one I’ll quote here is the big misunderstanding:

“Unfortunately, the people who can change it: the Old Guards and Anton Long, are no longer here, and may not even still understand that something is fundamentally wrong and broken with ONA today. By their fruit ye shall judge: it only takes a good look at the fruit/people that ONA has been producing for the past several years, to understand that something is broken.”

As we’ve witnessed, they are here. Do they want to fix anything? Well, that depends on what you mean by “broken” and what you mean by “fix” I suppose.

Hear me on this: Anton Long, the Old Guard, they are NOT the ones who can, will, or may “fix” the broken ONA. That is to us. Us, that is, those it means something to. Not to those to whom it does not.

You’ll notice, Chloe, when I wrote on inspiration, I quoted you, not Anton Long.

That’s for a clear reason. Take the compliment.

You also recall a time that I am familiar with:

And so at that time there grew in ONA two opposing factions: 1) one faction wanted ONA to be leaderless & 2) the other faction wanted a hardcore leader in order to make ONA hardcore.

I don’t speak for Nameless Therein or anybody else when I say:

I am not asking.

I do not know or mind what anybody else is doing. If they’re using ONA, I wouldn’t know. I disagree with just about everything that’s been put forth that you claim to also disagree with, so I think we’ll find a lot of common ground, even in some sparse disagreement.

Thing is, I am not looking for some “hardcore leader” or Daddy Long Legs to come appear and tell us what to do.

You said some very wise words about how easy it is for the State to overtake that very thing. The mistakes of the Right in making hardcore leaders that are easy to overtake and subvert from there:

Having a leader makes the job of such agents even more easy because you simply have to decapitate that group of its leader, and the group resultantly falls apart thereafter. It’s this stupid and silly mistake the Far Right has been making for 70 years.

So why would we seek to make these same mistakes that we have seen made in the past?

We don’t. That’s not sane.

Many people seek to subvert this. Why give them an “in”? As you and I have both observed and indicated, there have been attempts in the far past and near past. I don’t think our observations are all so different.

Respectfully — When we speak of something MEANING something to us, appearing from out of the blue to call it meaningless is unproductive and unobservant. Take a look, there IS meaning here. You can see it in everything we are doing. You can see the kinetic energy and passion in everything we are doing. If you cannot, look again.

Another mistake is that of appearances.

You said:
Many times in the past I, often in Nexion Zine, I will play the devils advocate, and rhetorically write things and say things in order to see how ONA people and the Old Guards will react.

Then it must be said that you made it so.

Why rely upon a leader to tell you to stop being a child?
Why throw a tantrum, subverting your own thing, just for their attention? Just to see if they’ll tell you to stop? That’s not us.

If you identify something as meaningless, and you take it upon yourself to give it meaning, it has meaning.

If you give it appearance, it has appearance.

It will attract that which you put into it.

You CERTAINLY know this, with everything that you have said about marketing. You are clever enough to know exactly what you do when you do this.

That said, it is clear that you cared more than anybody else.

I respect that greatly. About you, specifically.

You’re right: It is nothing.

Nothing but what it is. And what it is, is something to me. It is something to some of us. What we make of that, I think you will find something worthwhile in as well. What I do, I honor you in.

Why should we look to the past, when as you say yourself, the past failed you, time and again?

You will stumble upon that which you hate.

Funny, you know, I’ve read this one before in your Nexion Zine.

It brings to mind the book of Matthew, as you’ve nodded to a few times here, quite prominently.
This is no end time prophecy though. You are no prophet. Nor are we the fruit of this tree alone. We are not the Catholics, we are those Pagan spirits that they integrated to their Saints, back from the fucking mythological grave. We are not here to haunt. We are here to LIVE.

In the book of Matthew it says (among some other talk about knowing thy fruits): “Then will many stumble and fall, and they will betray one another and hate one another.

This is foreseeing the end times.
One end is also a new beginning.
So cheers to that, my friend.

But I think you will find no false prophets, no thorny figs, no end times here.

About “Liberalism” and “Democracy” and whatever, 10-4, loud and clear. This isn’t either of those things. But more on that some other time. Let’s be real — that stuff is pretty boring. I’ll read more on that on the eerily and uncannily similar echoes on amerika blog when I want a snooze.

The truth is: The ONA hasn’t become meaningless. It has become BORING. Nobody is going to change that. Nobody except US. We’re breathing life into it. Stasis is boring. We are alive. I agree with you — I would hate to see it die out of that same thing. I would hate to see it live as a ToB honeypot. It has meaning. It has vitality. It has honor. It has US. Does that matter to you?

THIS has meaning. Nobody is anybody to tell me otherwise.

We’re not ToB. We’re not liberals. We’re not pro-rape.
That shit is both 1.) insane and 2.) tired.


Finally, Chloe, should you wish to speak candidly, outside the necessary appearances of the theater, you know how to contact me.

With respect, vitality, and meaning,


~we’ll be singing when we’re winning~

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